If you are at a loss for what niche to focus on, Finnish marketer Hannu Polvi has a concise training e-book called Niche Definition Strategy to show you how to choose a niche that:
1. You can feel “at home” in and
2. You can earn some money in

Niche Definition Strategy gives a rationale for Polvi’s process and then he launches into the systematic process he uses.

He believes your own life has prepared you to do well in certain niches and not so well in others. He takes you through a question and answer process to identify the areas where you are prepared. Once you have narrowed the options to just a few, your next step is to find niches from that small list where there is money available.

Through all this process, he takes you to relevant websites where you can find useful information to help you with your Niche Definition Strategy.

For a beginner in niche marketing, the $3.50 training (although the price is rising) is a bargain introduction to a skill that is a “must” if you are going to be successful.

You can get your copy here: Niche Definition Strategy

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