Mike Tyler has been flipping domains for big profits for three years now. He has found a source for domains that have all the earmarks of a winner (a bit of age, for example, and numerous backlinks). When he locates a good candidate domain, he buys it, dresses it up with an attractive set of pages, and flips it. And he says he makes $hundreds in profit each time.

Now, in DotCom Profit Sniper, he shares the process he follows that leads to successful flips.

Even better, DotCom Profit Sniper includes software to find the kind of domains that Tyler has had his best success with. You not only get the training; you get the software that makes doing what you learned a piece of cake.

His strategies can be applied to flipping small sites for a few hundred dollars in a single day or, if you want to dedicate the time, you can building an authority site that you can sell for many thousands of dollars.

Used car dealers say they make their profit by buying the right car to place on their lot. The same principle applies to domain flippers; choosing a domain to buy and flip is the critical step. DotCom Profit Sniper shows to how to know you’re going to make money.

Once you buy a domain, Tyler shows you how to set up the new domain so it will turn a quick profit for you.

DotCom Profit Sniper shows you different kinds of sites you can build and profitably flip. Choose any of the three types, Tyler says, you can can have a site ready to flip in three days or less. Or put a little more time into a site, get more traffic, and then flip it for a lot more money. This, too, is explained in this new training.

Pick the method you like best: instant flips, three-day flips or long-term flips, or try them all to see which you are best at. However you want to do it, DotCom Profit Sniper gets you started right.

Here’s the problem; he has a timer on the sales page, and it has less than 24 hours on it. Right now, this training is only $19, but it appears he is warning us that will change soon.

Get the whole story here: DotCom Profit Sniper

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