Eleanor Ruse has earned a reputation as the creator of high-quality sales aid packages for affiliate marketers who want to sell Clickbank niche products. She chooses her niches with care, and builds a variety of marketing resources for affiliates in that niche.

Many thousands of people have an aquarium (or several) in their homes or offices. They want to learn more about their fish; they want to care for their fish correctly; and many want to expand their collection with new varieties.

Ruse has researched Clickbank and has found 15 downloadable products for fish owners, which she shares in Fantastic Fish Profits. She chose these products for their commission (at least $10), their level of affiliate competition, and the quality of the author’s sales page.

She has personally written a high-quality product review article for each product, so these are fresh and not over-used.

And she gives you 15 graphics for the niche, so your website or blog can look professional.

To top it all off Fantastic Fish Profits includes 30 articles on Tropical fish care and 30 more on aquarium care, plus three e-books on tropical fish and their care.

You can build your own sales funnel with all this material and place it on an attractive site that is conducive to drawing in interested visitors who want to buy products for their fish. Get them on your mailing list. Then you can sell related products to them over and over again.

You can get this comprehensive affiliate package here: Fantastic Fish Profits

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