Jeremy Schoemaker’s latest blog post is titled “Don’t chase the money – Chase the passion”.

Schoemaker says, “I get messages from people all the time who want to make money online.  They read the blog/newsletter,  see my phat AdSense Check and think I have the magic bullett.

Guess what I DO!  Prepare yourself for it!

You have passion and expertise about something.  Share that with people.

Let me give you some examples.  I will start with myself.

  • In 2003, while working a full time job and also reselling computers online,  I discovered a way to format ringtones and wallpapers for my Nextel phone.  I loved doing it.  It was a fun hobby.  Long story short – I  took that knowledge and created a website that others could upload ringtones to.  By 2005 the site was getting a ton of traffic”.

Don’t chase the money – Chase the passion

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