That’s what Google Plus offers. In fact, Google Plus Now has over 500 million users in total, 150 million users (approx) joined in the last 3 months.

Google Plus is at the center of Google’s strategy, and savvy marketers will get familiar with it because, for example, information posted in it ranks well in Google search results.

Plus Commander is a tool that helps you connect with the Google Plus members who are interested in your niche.

Plus Commander does a lot of things to help you manage your Google Plus relatrionships easily:
• It finds the influential people in your niche, people whose followers will likely be interested in your quality products, and people who can influence their followers in your behalf if they like what you are doing
• It finds the niche topics that are trending in Google Plus.
• It manages all your data, for all your Google Plus accounts.
• Most important of all, it builds your list of followers on auto-pilot.

Plus Commander gives you a suite of software that manages all aspects of your Google Plus membership, plus video training and a printable guide for this software.

A robust Google Plus presence is a boost for any marketing. If you have been delaying becoming an active Google Plus member, get started today with this new software.

The price is under $20, but it’s rising. Get is here: Plus Commander

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