Lexi B was busy working in an insurance office that had trouble closing sales. She suggested that they become brokers and put together a consortium of related marketers that would, together, launch a new product package that would consist of products from all the consortium members.

She called it a “Circle Launch”, and it proved successful. Now, in Product Pirate, she shows you how to do it, too.

With her 5-step process, she can set up one of these Circle Launches in any niche she chooses in a week:
1. Select a good niche
2. Find information sellers in the niche
3. Copy and Paste her ‘Irresistible Offer’ Email And Send It To Them
4. Define the roles of the participants (she is the vendor and they are the affiliates) and build a Simple Sales Page with that monetization strategy
5. Collect the money (giving the affiliate team their share.)

It’s these five steps that form the training in Product Pirate

Because of her skill at building these teams, these information sellers are eager to participate. They get a much bigger footprint in the marketplace than they could by themselves, and their earnings expand as a result.

Lexi says she has created a fool-proof marketing system that anyone can use to put together a Circle Launch team quickly.

It has 6 modules and an action plan, all written in a clear, concise and engaging style. And the tips and techniques with probably be something you’ve never seen before.

This business model avoids all the typical technical issues of internet marketing. Your affiliates do most of the work. See the whole story here: Product Pirate