Small businesses need reliable service providers for their online marketing, but they have no idea how to find people they can trust.

You can use your experience with outsourcers to help them find someone who will meet their needs at a fair price and on time. It’s a service sometimes called “arbitrage.”

Robert Newby’s new Fast Cash Service Brokering shows you how to enter into this B-to-B market and help these small businesses find the web technology help they need.

You get:
• Strategies for finding clients with needs and budget, so it’s worth your effort to market to them
• Strategies to weed out poor outsourcers and onlyy work with the best
• Emails you can send to attract new clients
• Spreadsheets to track and deliver your products to your clients
• Contracts to make sure you have a professional relationship with your clients

It helps you grow your business when you know you don’t have to deliver all the work yourself; good outsourcers can do the technical work while you concentrate on finding clients.

You can get your start-up kit with complpete training here: Fast Cash Service Brokering

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