James Renouf has been experimenting with solo ads to discover how to maximize his income with them. He has learned a lot in the process.

Solo ads aren’t free, of course, so you need a little money to get started. You can start with less than $50. If you plow your earnings back into the business, you can “lift yourself up by your bootstraps” rather quickly. In the example Renouf gives, he started with a $375 ad that brought him $5000 in sales.But he says you can start with 10% of that and become successful.My Big Fat Commissions teaches you how to find high ticket webinars for any niche (it’s easy to do) and how to write emails promoting them with solo ads for affiliate commissions. These are substantial commissions, so there’s a lot of potential here. And once you know how to use solo ads, you can promote anything you like with them.

There’s an optional upgrade package that has a list of high ticket webinars that you can promote, as well as lots of email swipe for the IM niche.

Solo ads have been working for lots of marketers. You can get started experimenting with them using Renouf’s experience to save you time and money.

He has sold a lot of these and may decide to shut it down soon. Check it our here: My Big Fat Commissions

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