A curated blog is a powerful marketing tool. You find useful information from all around the web and you summarize it, comment on it, and link to the original article.

In essence, your curation saves your readers time. They don’t have to go hunting all around the web for helpful information on the topic of your blog. They come to you because you have done the hunting and sifting for them.

The only issue with curation is the time it takes you to do the work. A tool that automates your work can make curation practical for you. If you have to do everything manually, you won’t get much done.

Mark Thompson is releasing the latest curation tool for bloggers, and a powerful tool it is. CurationSoft 2.0 is an Adobe Air application that allows you to discover, review and curate content from authority sites like Wikipedia, Google Blogs and Google News, Blekko Blogs and News, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and any RSS Feed You Want.

It’s available for 7 days at half-price during his introductory sale. That’s an under-statement. Regularly, it’s $59/year. During this sale, it’s a one-time payment, not a yearly payment, so you are actually saving money every year.

This is the new version, updated from the original he released last Fall. Many changes were made based on user suggestions.

This is desk-top software and it posts directly to your blog after you select and add your own comments. You don’t have to go cutting and pasting.

In addition to the power of CurationSoft 2.0, if you invest in CurationSoft 2.0 from the IM NewsWatch link, you will receive these bonuses that will help you build a curated WordPress site:
• Content Curation Blueprint: The Simple, Easy and Effective way to generate content without the Writing
• Content Magnet Fortune software: Never Work Hard for SEO Traffic Again. Simple, Legal, and Proven System reveals Method for Getting Others to build Your Website for You
• Ultimate Publishing Package: Gain expert insights into how to publish content on new sources on the web like the Kindle, Lulu, and Nook
• WordPress as a Content Hub: Video showing you how to use WordPress as an tool to manage content

Over 6500 people are using the the original CurationSoft. Thousands more will invest in the new version.

Get your own copy while it’s on sale here: CurationSoft 2.0

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