He calls himself Warrior X. He calls his newest product The Rolodex of High-Ticket Affiliate Programs. He has spent hours on research to find companies that offer commissions in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single sale. Here’s what you get:
• Four travel companies that offer commissions on sailing, jet charter and other vacations, some with commissions of $500
• Two jewelry companies with a typical sales of #3500-$5500, with commissions of %5 or more
• Home improvement: hot tubs and gazebos, with commissions of 5.5% up to 12%
• Six financial services companies, one of them paying a $7500 commission.
• Four online services and software companies paying $97 and up per commission
• A health products company that offers recurring commissions and one that offers up to $160 on a single sale
• A legal services company that offers $100 commissions and another one that offers CPA commissions

Whatever niche you are interested in, you will find something that you can promote for extraordinary commissions.

You can get the whole story here: Rolodex of High-Ticket Affiliate Programs

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