No question, Google can send a lot of traffic to your website. Unfortunately, many webmasters try to trick Google into sending traffic, rather than understanding what Google values and giving it to them.

Bill Guthrie has just released Brand Levers a few hours ago. It’s the latest training on what it takes to impress Google and rise in the search results.

Brand Levers is over 90 minutes of video-based training. In it, Guthrie pulls back the veil of what works (and what doesn’t work) in content marketing today.

If you use tactics that try to game Google in one way or another, you will discover your rank will go down. You need to build the brand reputation of your site, and that better brand will bring more recognition from Google.

Improving your brand’s repution is what this new Brand Levers training is all about. In it, you’ll learn things like:
• The Ideal Content Flow, which takes Google out of the equation while increasing your traffic
• What types of links Google loves and those they hate, and how to get more of the good ones
• A branding exercise that will have your head spinning with fresh brand name ideas
• 3 core content strategies you should pick from to maximize your content marketing
• How to get an audience for your brand and your content

And that’s just the beginning. These tactics help you even with people who don’t use search engines.

There’s a lot more value in this training you won’t want to miss. Check it out here : Brand Levers

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