Karen Haworth, a 64-year old grandmother made over $78.000 on her first WSO. That’s surprising, but she had a little help. Her son, Derrick VanDyke is an experienced internet marketer and he lent his expertise to getting her first WSO launched.

Derrick has had many successful products (including an earlier one on WSO marketing), and now Karen has had two, even though she knows little about computers and is something of a technophobe. Together, they have created WSO in a Box

to show you how it’s done. In this new training, you discover:
• What kinds of products are proven to sell- they identify 6 types that sell well
• How to research what information people are feeling a need for right now
• How to reduce refunds, increase sales and build your reputation, all with one simple technique
• How to position your product so that your stand out from the other marketers in your niche.
• How to use bonuses to get people to buy your product and do it now
• How to outsource your product creation
• The 9-point guide to writing good sales copy

There’s a lot more to WSO in a Box than will fit in this short announcement. It shows you, from start to finish, how to launch your WSO so that you will get the most sales. And most of the techniques they show you apply to any online sales, not just WSOs.

The WSO marketplace is full of people wanting to buy products that will make them more successful in their business. You may have bought materials there, yourself. You should consider how to use it as a selling tool. It can be a good one.

Get all the details on this marketing bonanza here: WSO in a Box

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