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Craig Ballantyne says, “”It’s a really great book,” my friend Rich told me at breakfast. We were sitting in the Cascades restaurant at the Opryland Hotel at a recent marketing seminar, and Rich was describing a recent family-bonding event he had been on with his brother and nephews.

At the event, held on July 4th weekend in Park City with Yanik Silver’s Maverick Business Adventure group, Yanik had brought in parenting experts Richard and Linda Eyre to talk to the group about entitlement. That’s where Rich found out about their book.

I was a little skeptical that it would be of interest to me, but when a friend like Rich recommends a book, I go straight to Amazon and order it. “Plus,” Rich assured, “It’s a quick and easy read.” And he was right, I was able to get through it on a 3-hour plane ride from Toronto to Denver”.

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