HP Jeschke has just released Secret to Top Google Rankings. In it he shows you how you can use blogger.com as a free host. You get first class hosting and on top of it, your SEO is automatically improved due to Blogger’s position in the rankings.

Blogger is one of Google’s hidden gems. Free hosting for nearly any kind of website you might want. Like its rival, WordPress, Blogger is a lot more flexible than most people give it credit for. It’s not just for blogs anymore.

Blogger sites can be set up to look like any other website; Jeschke even shows you how you can hide the blogger logo, favicon, etc., so visitors don’t know that’s where it is hosted.

This is volume 2 of Jeschke’s series on selling high-ticket items as an Amazon affiliate. If you missed volume 1, you can get it here: Selling High-Ticket Items on Amazon

Not having to pay a monthly fee for a website makes it easier to become profitable on your site.

This e-book is filled with detailed instructions and dozens of screen captures and even several videos. Together, they take you by the hand and get your blogger site up and running so you can start selling from this free site. This is not just a high-level overview. You can sit down with these materials and build a blogger site in one session. (You may need two or three to get all your content loaded into the site.)

You can’t go wrong when your guide says “click here and then click there” whenever you need to take a new action step. And in many cases he even shows you how to do it.

Marketers need to respect Blogger for the value it provides to our businesses. With Jeschke’s expert guidance, you will find how good blogger can be for you. Check out his offer here: Secret to Top Google Rankings

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