Mark Dulisse has just released Tube Conquest software that automatically creates YouTube content from authority sites like: Amazon, Picasa, Pinterest and SoundCloud. Use these curated videos to build you business.

This new software runs on Macs as well as PCs and creates videos without any technical skills being required. Its capabilities include:
• Can use images and videos from your own hard drive as well as from Amazon, Pinterest, Picasa, and audios from SoundCloud
• You can add title clips at the beginning or end (or both) of your video
• Create your videos in popular formats: FLV, MP4, AVI, WMV and MOV
• Dulisse includes a library of PLR audios he purchased rights to. You’ll find them in the members area.

By the way, when using images from other sites, check out the content sources terms of service and watch for any copyrights, just as Mark warns in the disclaimer. His tool can’t know whether any particular image or video is OK to use; that’s up to you.

Find out more, see the demo, and get your copy here: Get Tube Conquest

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