In his new WSO called Email Ninja, Anwesh Rath shares his promotional email strategies.

He goes a step further and records a case study video of 5 of his email campaigns explaining details that are usually kept secret.

He has even included his “secret weapon” that he calls his Profits Prediction Tool. It allows him to see the amount of money he can expect to make from a campaign.

In his email process, he uses a method that lets him (and us, too,) build a list while promoting a product to make money, but creating an asset for his business (his mailing list) that can last a lifetime.

With this training, Rath says you can add an extra revenue source using the strategies and tools he uses every day to make over $1k/day. Even a beginner with No list can start promoting affiliate offers almost immediately with “zero” risk

In summary, in this training on effective email marketing, Anwesh gives you:
* His Email Ninja Blueprint containing his email strategies for higher conversion from your emails
* Case studies of 5 promotions (completely dissected)
* His “Profits Prediction Calculator”
* and several helpful bonuses

Rath makes Email Ninja especially attractive because he has established:
1) A low price ($9.97)
2) A unique “Life Time Money Back Guarantee”

But he says this WSO is available for a limited time only. You can check it out and get your copy here: Email Ninja

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