Scott Stamper has created a very popular (well over 1000 copies sold) new guide to video marketing, Extreme Video Traffic.

It’s popular because it’s good, because, at the same time, it’s inexpensive (only $7.77 at this writing) and because he gives a lengthy 90-day money back guarantee (so he is confident of the quality). IM NewsWatch has reviewed this train and plans to prepare a detailed review, but this ad will give you a taste of what’s inside this training.

Stamper’s background is in film-making; he knows what makes a good story, good production values (i.e., lighting, sound, etc.) and, fortunately for us, good marketing, too. In Extreme Video Traffic, he brings all his experience to bear, to provide us a good guide to making good videos and placing them on YouTube as marketing tools.

With Stamper’s guidance, you can upload a video once to YouTube, or another video site, and have it bring you sales for years to come.

In Extreme Video Traffic, you get:
• A complete guide to creating videos, without being on camera unless you want to (and without a camera, for that matter)
• How to choose an affiliate product to sell on your video (e.g., he talks about Clickbank, and the traps you might fall into there). Other product sources are also mentioned.

• How to use videos to promote CPA offers and for product launches

• The many techniques of creating a video
• Scripts, cameras, microphones, software, etc, that you can use
• and this only begins to highlight the topics covered in the main training and the many bonus training guides.

Included in this comprehensive package are release forms, equipment selection guides, and much more.

If you want to create high-quality videos for your business, check out Stamper’s big package here: Extreme Video Traffic

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