Yahoo Answers gets hundreds of thousands of visitors each day, and all of them are looking for answers to pressing questions that are bothering them. Answer those questions, and you’ll be an expert in their eyes. And therein lies a marketing opportunity: People seeking answers are often open to buying solutions.

Responding to this opportunity, hundreds of smart marketers from around the world have been tapping into Yahoo Answers to drive large amounts of targeted, buying traffic to all sorts of niche offers…

Once you answer enough questions and are seen as an expert, you can start including a link at the bottom of your answers You can make that link point to a relevant sales page, either your own, or a re-direct to an affiliate offer.

That sounds like a lot of work and it is, but in Answers Cash On STEROIDS, Cory Friedman has made this approach to marketing practical. He shows you how to outsource all the work of answering these questions, and even better, he has prepared a video you can use to show your outsourcers how to do their work.

Friedman takes a step-by-step approach to this process. To make this process work well, you need to develop a reputation for expertise in particular subject areas. Answers are rated by the person who asked the question. And you want high ratings so that your answers get the best exposure. With Friedman’s help, this will go smoother.

It’s wise to go through the question answering process yourself, several times, before you ask outsourcers to do it for you. You want to know what you are looking for in answers so you can advise them and can assess their work.

But Friedman goes beyond the technical aspects of entering answers into the Yahoo system. He looks at this process as a business. And he takes you through the nuances of the process that will make more money for your business, things like:
• The single site he recommends as your source for good oursourcers
• How to get outsourcers up to speed quickly.
• How to select offers to promote
• How to sharply increase your income from the offers you promote
• How to build up your business to a good income is just 2-3 months

You get all this training in both video and audio formats, so you can use it wherever you are. Plus, you get a quick start guide to help you digest all this content.

This is a brand-new training, and is just going live at 11 AM EST on Wednesday, November 28. You can get your copy for a small (but rising) price here: Answers Cash On STEROIDS

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