If your site is for making money, you need four fundamental facets:
1. Search Engine Optimization- so you site gets found
2. List building- so you can cultivate customers
3. Monetization- so you bring in income
4. Security- so no one hacks your site to steal your earnings

Mao Flynn has bundled into one economical package, nine WP plugins, created by KME Byrne and Flynn, that address all four of these needs:
SEO Raptor Elite automates on page optimization
WP Tagizer uses the browser’s data on the keyword used to reach your page to create tags for the page, so that in the future the search engines know that is what your page is about
WP Resurrector creates links from your home page to your interior pages that will get these interior pages freshly re-indexed
WP List Detonator optimizes each visitor’s experience so visitors are impressed and want to sign up for your list to get more
WP Profit Topper chooses banner ads to show based on the search terms used by the visitor
WP Linkizer searches your site for potential anchor phrases and adds links to them for Amazon and Clickbank products
WP Banner Ad Generator creates banner ads that overcome ad blindness
WP Affiliate Ultimate adds affiliate links to all your pages and posts
WP Shielded removes a number of hacking vulnerabilities from your site

In this sale you can get all 9 plugins for a price less than a single plugin often sells for. Check it out here: WSO Blowout Sale

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