The theory behind this new Kindle Kase Study is that you can give away books, and use them to make a simple online profit.

Rob Howard created this training to show us how to make more money giving away books than most of us could imagine a giveaway could produce.

You don’t have to spend months to produce a book; it can be simple, as long as it meets a real need. One good book is enough to get started with this plan.

The magic comes from thinking differently about Kindle marketing. The typical strategy is the create many Kindle books and hope to make a little from each. Howard’s strategy is just the opposite.

He calls his system, as described in this Kase Study, The Evergreen Kindle Launch System With this approach you can create one book and market it so that it can be leveraged for vastly larger profits. After it’s up and running, you can “rinse and repeat” but that’s optional.

If you want similar success with Kindle books, check out Howard’s training here: Kindle Kase Study

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