You’ve probably seen (and maybe you have bought) software the generates QR codes. But Mark Sandquist has just released a unique piece of code. It builds your consulting business while it creates QR codes fo you or your clients that can have a variable URL destination.

Most QR codes have a fixed destination, hard-coded into the code. But with Sandquist’s QR Redirect Machine WordPress Plugin adds value to QR generation. Instead of sending visitors directly to the intended destination, it sends them to your server, and code on your server re-directs the visitor to their intended destination. Thus, all the power redirection provides can be achieved with QR Codes.

This way, for example, a “product of the week” can be featured by the QR code. When the company wants to change the product, they have you update the re-direction. Codes they distributed to their customer keep working without change.

This offers you a revenue opportunity: Charge clients a retainer to do their periodic updates.

For businesses printing QR codes to give clients, tis can save significant money since no longer does a brochure become invalid when a promoted item changes. Don’t print new brochures; keep using the current ones.

Find out about the potential of Sandquist’s new WordPress plugin here: QR Redirect Machine WordPress Plugin