Setting up a CPA ad isn’t hard. What’s hard is making money with it. There are so many variables in the equation. Do you have the right offer? Do you have a compelling ad? Do you have a compatible traffic source?

To deal with these issues and get your CPA marketing on track, John Pierce created CPA Money Multiplier to explain a simple CPA system focussed on a particular niche (dating) and a particular advertiser (Plenty Of Fish) that converts well.

The simple campaigns Pierce shares take only minutes to set up if you follow his simple comprehensive guide.

Whether you are an SEO site builder, an offliner, or an affiliate marketer, it makes no difference. Pierce says you can add $100 a day to your income for very little work.

CPA Money Multiplier is well written and to the point and your time isn’t wasted with useless fluff.

The optional upsell contains 500 ready to go, proven copy and paste campaigns. They are simple enough that Pearce gave these to his outsourcer to implement for his own business. You can do the same.

If you want a simple way to get started in CPA, check out Pierce’s plan here: CPA Money Multiplier

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