If you need a website built and don’t know where to turn, the SEO Expert Services company is offering to build “Niche Video Profit Puller” sites for people and optimize them for search engines.

They custom-build sites for the niche you select. You tell them the niche you want. They recommend exact match domain names you can buy. Once you buy a name, they build a site for the niche.

They build sites that:
• Are filled with 20 niche-related videos from YouTube, so you have a lot of relevant content
• Have additional content, three custom-written articles for the niche
• Have you affiliate links in several product ads and in the footers for the videos
• Links for your visitors to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +
• On-site SEO is completed so traffic from the search engines should not be long in coming, so, according to the company, you can make passive income

You can get all this custom work done for around $50; if you order multiple sites, they will cost even less. Get the whole story here:: Niche Video Profit Pullers

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