You can now Segment Real-Time data

In your Real-Time reports, click on a page element to segment your data by different dimensions, such as country or communications medium. For example, you can observe how social media is impacting site traffic from an industry conference, and more.
Learn how to segment your analytics data

Save time finding your favorite reports with Shortcuts

Shortcuts help you get the exact view you want of your Analytics data quickly.Use Shortcuts to set up a view of your analytics once, save it, and come back to it in a single click.
Discover how to save time on your favorite reports

Easily export & analyze Multi-Channel Funnels data with the API

Use the MCF Reporting API to query for metrics from the Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels reports and incorporate conversion path data into your applications.You can create new visualizations, as well as using conversion path data to automate processes such as bidding.
Learn more about Multi-channel Funnels

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