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Monday, October 2, 2023

New WP Hot Clickbank Offers Plugin shows Clickbank offers on your blog #ad

Banner ads on you’re blog can earn you affiliate commissions. Popular Clickbank products cover many different niches and probably offer a good opportunity for affiliate sales in your own niche. WP Hot Clickbank Offers V2 Plugin comes with several new, and best-selling, Clickbank products built in, but you can change the products advertised (especially, as time goes on, to insert new products.) WP Hot Clickbank Offers V2 Plugin has banner two styles, with motion and static. This plugin will automatically add your Clickbank affiliate ID to all ads and when someone clicks on an add, it adds... [...]

‘10 Beautiful, Free Content Sliders’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “10 Beautiful, Free Content Sliders”. Drew Coffin says, “One of the biggest challenges in web design is presenting lots of information in a limited space. Content sliders help solve this problem. While content sliders can be used for navigation or for displaying multiple products in one place, they are commonly used on website home”. 10 Beautiful, Free Content Sliders Web Marketing Today  [...]

‘Turn Your Pics Into Profits’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Turn Your Pics Into Profits”. Michael Garrity says, “Images are all the rage on the Web these days. This trend was probably inevitable, as it is an easy way for publishers, bloggers and marketers to satiate the desire of the average Internet user with quick bursts of content that can be easily digested and then set aside, while still spreading their message”. Turn Your Pics Into Profits Website Magazine  [...]

‘Conversion Testing First Timers’ – SEO BrainTrust

Dan Thies’ latest ‘SEO BrainTrust’ blog post is titled “Conversion Testing First Timers”. Thies says, “This live training is perfect for you if: You own a business, or You have consulting clients, or You have been putting off doing conversion testing because you think it’s too hard or too time consuming. Dennis van der Heijden from puts all fears to rest as he shows how easy it is to set up a test. Dennis and Andrea Warner talk about what to test and show some examples″. Conversion Testing First Timers SEO BrainTrust  [...]

Video Marketing Debunked: Use YouTube for its best purpose, driving traffic #ad

Mark Thompson and Todd Gross just released Video Marketing Debunked to clear up misunderstandings about how marketers can take advantage of all the power of YouTube in driving traffic to offers. For example, whenever someone watches a YouTube video, YouTube displays a list of related videos on the sidebar. Thompson and Gross show how you can have your videos show up in the sidebar so you can get an extra dose of traffic. Video Marketing Debunked also shows how to analyze where to use various different features that YouTube offers to increase conversions and to keep people locked into YOUR videos,... [...]

‘The Avalanche of Information and Scalability of Social Media′ by Jay Baer

Jay Baer ‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “The Avalanche of Information and Scalability of Social Media″. Baer says, “Richard Binhammer of Dell joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his new direction, the role of corporate communications in social media marketing, and how to scale the effects of social media campaigns. Read on for some of the highlights or listen below for the full podcast. Listen Now Click the play button to”. The Avalanche of Information and Scalability of Social Media Jay Baer’s ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog  [...]

‘Google’s EMD Algo Update – Early Data’ – ‘SEOmoz’ Blog

The latest ‘SEOmoz’ blog post is titled “Google’s EMD Algo Update – Early Data”. Dr. Peter J. Meyers says, “Google announced an “upcoming” algorithm change targeting low-quality Exact-Match Domains on 9/28. Data from MozCast indicated the change did hit on 9/28 – I break down the data, along with some of the sites impacted”. Google’s EMD Algo Update – Early Data SEOmoz  [...]

‘7 Productivity Links Worth Your Time’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “7 Productivity Links Worth Your Time”. Robert Bruce says, “This week on The Lede … Do What Steve Jobs Did, Not What He Said The Science of Procrastination Boring is Productive Joss Whedon on Recharging Your Creative Batteries 10 Social Networks for Creatives A Primer on Full-Screen Living (and Working) The Profound Power of One a Day”. 7 Productivity Links Worth Your Time ‘Copyblogger’ Blog  [...]

Animated Powerpoint Video Templates: create stunning videos without talent, hard work or expensive software #ad

With Animated Powerpoint Video Templates, you can create stunning animated videos using just PowerPoint 2010. This group of 5 professionally designed animated PowerPoint templates, ready to customize and sell, can give your videos a professional finish. These Animated Powerpoint Video Templates , complete with background music, are ready for you to add your text and have a video for yourself or your clients in a few moments, and they will look like you spent a hundred dollars or more. You get a developer’s license, so you may use the templates to make video presentations for your clients. You... [...]

‘The Death of SEO [Infographic]’ – ‘SEO Book’ Blog

The latest ‘SEO Book’ blog post is titled “The Death of SEO [Infographic]”. Aaron Wall says, “Over the weekend Google did an update which continues their trend of diminishing the value of domain names in an SEO strategy as they “pump up the brand.” In light of that, we thought it would be a good time to get out in front of the tired “Death of SEO” meme that is sure to appear once again in the coming weeks. ;)”. The Death of SEO [Infographic] ‘SEO Book’ Blog  [...]