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Sunday, May 26, 2024

‘If Facebook Is Smart, It’ll Do More With Voice’ – ‘ReadWriteWeb’

The latest post on ‘ReadWriteWeb’ is titled “If Facebook Is Smart, It’ll Do More With Voice”. Dave Copeland says, “Facebook could boost revenue by as much as $800 million per year by adding Skype-like voice service, according to a report by the Copenhagen-based research firm Strand Consult. The question is, should it? The report says Facebook’s sheer size could allow it to succeed where Google Voice and Microsoft, which acquired Skype for $8.5 billion in May 2011, have not. Facebook could, in fact be the “Skype killer,” according to the Strand report. Facebook and... [...]

Vedesh is just 2 years old and he has Leukemia #charity

More than 40 caring marketers have banded together to help Vedesh’s parents pay for his treatment. They have contributed their time, their good names and their products to a a firesale bundle of top marketing tools and training, and they are offering it to people who will help Vedesh. For under $20, you can get this remarkable collection of products here: Vedesh simply needs to live This collection includes: SEO Offline Marketing Product Creation Software & plugins Traffic And Much more.. These men and women donated these products. All proceeds go to Vedesh’s treatment. Nothing... [...]

‘Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Are Now Targeted Based on Your Interests’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Twitter’s Promoted Tweets Are Now Targeted Based on Your Interests”. Emily Price says, “Twitter launched interest-targeting Thursday for promoted tweets. The move allows those with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to set a list of interests that those accounts and tweets specifically target. “By targeting people’s topical interests, you will be able to connect with a greater number of users and deliver tailored messages to people who are more likely to engage with your Tweets,” Kevin Weil, Twitter’s director of product management,... [...]

Graphics Mystic: $2400 of graphics in one limited-time bundle #ad

Huge collection of marketing graphics collected by Lucas Adamski now available as a WSO. Everything from landing pages to sales pages to niche headers to banners of all kinds are included in this remarkable collection. This is a compilation of all his graphic packages, each previously sold separately for about the same as the whole collection is selling for. It’s one time when your procrastination paid off. The beauty, professionalism and shear quantity of these graphics boggle the mind. Get this Graphics Mystic collection and you may never need marketing graphics again. If you want... [...]

‘Email Campaign Newsletters: Best Practices’ – StomperNet Blog

The latest ‘StomperNet’ blog post is titled “Email Campaign Newsletters: Best Practices”. Lee Collins says, ”When we start talking about email campaigns you can quickly see how it is just one piece that will pull many other pieces together.  Email campaigns can tie together your Social Media efforts and can increase your natural traffic. Or with the right branding, your email campaign will increase awareness.  Email campaigns can build your list etc. Bottom line is a properly thought out and well constructed email campaign can provide your business with increases in many different... [...]

‘Inbound Marketing Tips You Can Implement Right Now’ by John Chow

John Chow’s latest blog post is titled “Inbound Marketing Tips You Can Implement Right Now”. Chow says, “Are you an inbound marketer? Wait – do you know what inbound marketing means? If you can’t answer that question, read along and I’d show you what you’ve been missing all these while. Are you interrupting your”. Inbound Marketing Tips You Can Implement Right Now John Chow’s Blog  [...]

‘Understanding Google Analytics, Part 1: Traffic Sources’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “Understanding Google Analytics, Part 1: Traffic Sources”. Feras Alhlou says, “This is “Part 1″ of a 4-part series on getting the most out of Google Analytics. In this series — called “Understanding Google Analytics” — I’ll address the following areas. “Part 1: Traffic Sources” “Part 2: Content, User Actions” “Part 3: Conversions, Outcomes” “Part 4: Underutilized Features” Traffic Sources, Marketing”. Understanding Google Analytics, Part 1: Traffic Sources Web Marketing Today  [...]

Opens at Noon: Instant Cash Machine- Automated Sales Funnel system done for you #ad

The automated sales funnel created by Todd Dowell made him over $8000 per month. Now available in Instant Cash Machine for smart marketers to exploit. Dowell has done the hard work of figuring out how to put together a funnel that engages people and keeps them interested in what you offer. He also has done the hard work of building a web site that puts this funnel to work. And, for those who invest in Instant Cash Machine, he hosts your funnel site on his server; no need to go through the hassle of downloading it, finding a hosting company and installing it. With Instant Cash Machine,... [...]

‘5 Steps for Multivariate Testing Your Online Marketing′ by Jay Baer

Jay Baer ‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “5 Steps for Multivariate Testing Your Online Marketing″. Baer says, “As an online marketer, you have to be creative, and one way to pick up sales and improve online marketing campaigns is by testing. It’s the first step in the optimization process since you will be using actual client feedback to improve how you do things. What Are the Different Test Methods? Webmasters commonly use”. 5 Steps for Multivariate Testing Your Online Marketing Jay Baer’s ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog  [...]

‘Do You Trust Me?’ – ‘SEO Book’ Blog

The latest ‘SEO Book’ blog post is titled “Do You Trust Me?”. Aaron Wall says, “Well, you might – if you knew what a trustworthy guy I am 🙂 But I know that’s nowhere good enough. I know I would need to earn it. “Do I trust you?” is a question your web visitors are probably asking themselves right now. Do they trust your title tag description and snippet enough to click the link? If they click the link, and land on your site, do the trust you enough to stay? Do they trust you enough to click deeper into your site? Do they trust you enough to hand over their e-mail... [...]

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