Make your videos, webinars and poscasts, etc, more appealing with high-quality music tracks, composed by a professional film musician and presented in the Warrior forum by Joe Finn.

Three compositions are available, each in multiple versions. Listen to these samples:

 Sample #1

 Sample #2


Sample #3

Choose any of these three themes you like, or choose them all for just $15.

For each, you get a set of sound files, an opener, a closure, several transitions and a loop that lasts an indefinite length.

Use this music is any projects you may have, and as many projects as you may have, over and over again. You get a PLR license.

All buyers also get access to a bonus tutorial video that shows clearly how to use the music clips to make the buyer’s videos 100x more effective!

Hurry; Joe is closing this sale soon. This fine professional music is available here: xxx

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