The European Union has just enacted a law requiring all websites accessed by EU citizens to notify visitors that the site may place cookies on the visitor’s computer, and then get the consent (or implied consent) of the visitor to do so before placing that cookie.

You may not even realize all the cookies your site places. If you have ads on your site, for example, those ads may place cookies that you will be liable for. Do you use Google analytics? That places more cookies. In fact, the list of cookie creators is long.

Sites that fail to give the proper warning and receive the proper consent are subject to large fines. But there is a way out.

P. Sharma has created the  EU Cookie Cop that will give EU visitors the proper notice. It’s smart enough to verify the visitor is in the EU before showing the warning; other visitors aren’t bothered.

Rewgardless of your own location, it’s likely that your site gets visitors from Europe. If so, you are subject to the EU law. For a small fee,  EU Cookie Cop keeps you in compliance.

Stay on the good side of the law. Go here and get EU Cookie Cop

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