The author of Google Resurrection had the misfortune of having his profitable site,, de-indexed by Google in February, 2011. As a result, his income dropped dramatically.

Google Resurrection is the story of how he was able to regain his ranking in Google’s search results.

Google Resurrection is a 47 page e-book that goes into detail about what we can know of how Google operates and how we can stay within the guidelines (sometimes, unpublished, but deducible from Google’s actions) and either avoid a “slap” from Google or recover from one.

The result is a detailed look at the processes Google uses to communicate with webmasters who need advice and guidance as to what Google is looking for in a website. Several links are included to official Google policies and procedures.

The author also discusses his specific processes to meet Google’s expectations and convince Google that his site was worth “reconsideration.” The attitudes he took and processes he used are instructive for anyone facing this challenge.

The approach to a successful reconsideration is laid out in detail. The changes he made to his site led to a genuinely higher quality site that human visitors, not just Google, found easier to use.

Once his site was enhanced, he used careful planning to get Google to reconsider his site. The end result is that Google welcomed him back into the fold, and his site is now back into profitability.

Webmasters can learn a lot from this report. The best use, of course, is avoiding Google’s wrath to begin with, but recovering after a fall will be easier with this road map, too.

If you are interested in “Google Resurrection”, you can find it here.

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