A ghostwriting career can be frustrating. You don’t get the accolades of the person whose name is on the book, but you do all the work. It’s especially frustrating if you are under-paid for all the hours you put into the job.

Ruth Pound has felt these frustrations, too, and has found ways to over come them. In Ghostwriting Breakthrough she has recorded wisdom from her hard experience to help all struggling ghostwriters turn their skills into a going business, including:
– The mindset shift you need if your are going to turn your ghostwriting career into a thriving business,
– How to structure your service offering to improve your earnings,The mindset shift you need to turn your ghostwriting career into a thriving business
– A method to ensure you earn more from every client
– How to take time of but keep making money from your ghostwriting
– How to ensure you have guaranteed business every single month
– How to use your ghostwriting knowledge and experience to create passive income.

All struggling ghostwriters should investigate Ghostwriting Breakthrough here.