Successful businesses often use solo ads. Beginning business can do so, too, but we smaller businesses have a disadvantage. We can be tempted by shady operators who will take out money and not deliver any actual results. And we don’t have the funds to weed out the crooks by massive testing.

You need someone who has researched the marketplace for solo ads, tested the offers and found the ones worth buying an ad from. He explains his methodology so you can test other ad sellers yourself.

Rob Stafford provides a tested list of 10 top solo ad companies that actually deliver sales in the “make money” niche. He did his homework, tested many sellers with $10,000 worth of ads, and now shares his findings. By skipping the low-quality ad sellers and focusing on the best, you can get metter sales at a lower cost. Learn all about this new list that can build your business at a lower cost here.

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