Blogging started out as an online diary keeping system, but has morphed today into becoming a versatile content management system that has many uses and can be creatively employed by any infopreneur to build a brand, grow a business and sell more.

I have been blogging since 2003, and have a somewhat unusual take on how blogging ties in with selling infoproducts. My approach is to start blogging first, and then use the brand, network and audience that evolves around the blog to create infoproducts that people already want – and sell them to those very people who asked for it!

In a sense, you can think about this as “blogging your book” – a concept I first pioneered way back in 2003, with a BlogBook called “Blog Profit Ideas Exposed”, which was published in the form of a private-access blog.

Today, an approach that works very well is to start out researching your niche and identifying the popular keywords which prospects are using to find information on search engines.

You can then start publishing blog posts that are woven around these keywords as the guiding theme, and carry a message that is closely linked or related to the ebook or infoproduct you plan to create.

The keyword optimized posts, coupled with the SEO-friendly structure of a blog, will attract an audience of interested readers to your blog. You then have the unique opportunity to poll them about their problems and interests, ask for ideas and suggestions to write about, and survey them in depth and detail about the sort of infoproduct they desperately and eagerly crave – and are willing to pay for.

This takes most of the guesswork out of infopreneuring. Even as you create your ebook, you know this is something people want, are interested in reading, and are willing to pay for.

In this way, blogging can help you round up a targeted readership, find out what they want, and buy the finished infoproduct that you create almost to their specifications.

The important components of successful blogging are structuring your blog to rank well on search results, build your content around popular and high-volume keywords that are also easy to rank for, and to consistently provide valuable information on your blog that appeals to readers and builds up your brand and reputation over time.

Once you’ve got an audience who loves your style and content, you’ll find it really easy to sell them infoproducts – and keep doing it over and over again, very profitably.

If you would like to learn more about blogging as a marketer, I offer five free tips here.

Dr. Mani is a pediatric heart surgeon who is also a writer on marketing topics. His popular book Think, Write & RETIREThink Write and Retire has been available on Amazon for several years.

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