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Friday, December 8, 2023

‘Richest Pig In The World… Problems into Opportunities’ by Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards’ latest ‘I Gotta Tell You’ blog post is titled “Richest Pig In The World… Problems into Opportunities”. Jim says, “The 3 Little Pigs left out the most important pig – the 4th little pig. His name was Marvin. Marvin realized that you can turn problems into massive opportunity. In fact, Marvin teaches us one of the most important true life success lessons, which is: Problems = Opportunities”. Richest Pig In The World… Problems into Opportunities Jim Edwards’ ‘I Gotta Tell You’ Blog  [...]

‘Dealing with Criticism’ – ‘The New Early To Rise’ Newsletter

The latest issue of ‘The New Early to Rise’ newsletter has been released. The featured article is titled “Dealing with Criticism”. Craig Ballantyne says, “One Monday morning, as I finished my breakfast, I overheard an interesting conversation on the radio between the co-hosts… Female Co-Host: Oprah’s in Toronto this week filming her show, but I guess you’re not a big fan? Male Co-Host: Ugh, Oprah. Can’t stand her. Actually, I guess she’s not so bad now. Female: Why don’t you mind her now? Male: Well, I heard she’s struggling…”. Read... [...]

Get 90 Niche WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, and Squeeze Pages with PLR and MRR #ad

Dee Adams has just released a package of site designs for both HTML and WordPress. 40 designs for each, plus 10 squeeze page designs. Half the designs are two-column and half are three-column, so you get a good variety to choose from. These designs are customized to address 10 popular niches, such as sleep disorder, bridal accessories, internet banking, etc. Dee also includes PLR licenses for all the designs so you can resell them for a profit. Learn all about these designs here.  [...]

‘6 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail’ by Joel Comm

Joel Comm’s latest blog post is titled “6 Reasons Why New Blogs Fail”. Comm says, “Starting a new blog can at times seem a little daunting. Unlike working freelance for others, financial reward is certainly not guaranteed and you could find that regardless of how many hours you put in, you may not see any reward for your efforts. As new blogs continue to be created on an hourly basis, not all of them go on to become successful and many are left at the wayside without rank or traffic let alone income. Although success is never guaranteed, the chances of it are greatly increased... [...]

‘Your Competition… Who Cares?’ by Nicole Dean

Nicole Dean’s latest blog post is titled “Your Competition… Who Cares?”. Dean says, “I had some graphics created to help motivate you, and I thought I’d share them one at at time here. The first one is all about competition”. Your Competition… Who Cares? Nicole Dean’s Blog  [...]

‘This Week In StomperNet – April 30, 2012’ – StomperNet Blog

The latest ‘StomperNet’ blog post is titled “This Week In StomperNet – April 30, 2012”. The ‘StomperNet’ team says, “The topic this week is “Membership Sites.” Besides gaining the knowledge from joining a membership site, people in general just like to belong to a club. It’s part of belonging and part of sharing something in common.  Also, people enjoy being around like minded people. This is why car clubs, hobby train clubs, Lion’s Club and many other organizations are so popular. People often shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars a year... [...]

Shelle K just released a “fill in the blanks” FB fan page builder #ad

If you haven’t recovered from the Facebook Fan Page changes at the end of March or if you just want to spruce up your fan page, now’s your chance. This new software makes it easy to create your new timeline-based fan page where you can recruit new clients and subscribers. Included are six color templates. Choose one and customize it for your business. Each can be used as a squeeze page so you can build you list while you build your fans. Many more benefits, such as: * One-click autoresponder integration * Easy back-end editing system to quickly make changes * Complete instructions (video... [...]

‘Three SEO Don’ts Straight From Google’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Newsletter

The latest issue of ‘MarketingProfs’ newsletter has been released. The featured article is “Three SEO Don’ts Straight From Google”. ‘MarketingProfs’ Newsletter Contents Three SEO Don’ts Straight From Google Four Worthy Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter How to Go B2B at Three Major Social Sites How to Curate Content That Your Audience Will Love Three Email Copywriting Tips for Non-Pros Is Downsizing the Best Way to Grow Your Business? Is a PPC Campaign Right for You? ‘MarketingProfs’ Newsletter  [...]

‘Wrapp Presents a New Facebook Marketing Platform’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Wrapp Presents a New Facebook Marketing Platform”. AllisonH says, “There is a new way for your business to increase its social media visibility – and it just might come with a big (virtual) bow on top. Social gift-giving service Wrapp is a Swedish startup that enables consumers to socially and virtually send their friends gift cards. For example, instead of writing the same generic happy birthday message or other greeting on your friends’ Facebook walls, Wrapp enables users to send free or paid gift cards to... [...]

‘Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile’ by John Chow

John Chow’s latest blog post is titled “Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile”. Chow says, “The blogosphere is growing every day, but I believe change is something we should all embrace at one point or the other. One major change that needs to be embraced in the blogosphere right now is the need to start”. Top 5 Reasons To Optimizing Your Blog for Mobile John Chow’s Blog  [...]