This is my first column for IM NewsWatch. I’ll be “roaming” through many facets of internet marketing. I welcome your comments and questions as we go along.

In this first column, I discuss creating sales funnels (and a cool little trick that makes creating them a lot easier.)

description=”Dr. Veit Schenk on Sales Funnels”

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Organically Growing With Authenticity: How to Connect With Your Audience

Organic growth is crucial to the success of any business. The days of solely focusing on paid advertising and pay-per-click are gone. While those things are still important and have their place, nowadays, people want to feel a connection with the businesss and businesses they choose. So you need to investigate how to connect with […]

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The most common digital marketing scams & how to avoid them

There are many marketing scams aimed at consumers, and they bilk millions of people out their money. This article, however, is focused on scams aimed at small businesses and individual online marketers looking for help with their online marketing campaigns.   These days, nearly every business needs a strong online presence. Regardless of what line […]

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Using Video Marketing to Appeal to Gen Z

The global marketplace has never been more crowded. No longer are you competing with the Mom and Pop next door or the Big Box chain down the street. Now, more than ever before, ensuring that your online business presence not only survives but thrives also means ensuring that it stands out above a sea of […]

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Garnering Major Impressions Through Gaming

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels Gaming and gaming viewership is on the rise. Twitch, a major broadcasting platform for gaming, has reported an 86% increase in viewership since January of 2020, with several days where viewership has surpassed 6 million people. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, either: in 2021, 227 million Americans played video games.  Contrary […]

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