Giveaway events are a frequent tool used by online marketers to build their e-mail lists. The visitors to the event select gifts they are interested in and opt in to a gift contributor’s mailing list in return for receiving the gift. The gift givers get possible customers for future products.

A current example is The Ultimate Social Media Giveaway. For three weeks, the organizers have arranged for other marketing trainers to offer gifts to interested marketers and people who want to be marketers.

The gifts include e-books, videos, software and other materials and services that show how to or assist with building an online business using social media.

There are nearly 300 gifts available in this giveaway event, available here.

Included are gifts related to modern social media sites and tools such as:

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Graphics

  • WordPress

  • Stumbleupon

  • Google+

  • Digg

  • Templates

  • Delicious

The event will end on March 12. Interested people may explore the gifts here.

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