WP Easy Fan Pages is a plugin that makes creating a Facebook Fan Page so easy you or I could do it, even if we have no tech skills.

If you are looking for a way to build (or make changes to) a fan page whenever you like and not have to upload files every time you do, check out WP Easy Fan Pages.

WP Easy Fan Pages is a WordPress Plugin that lets you create and maintain fan pages using the iframe tabs. It’s easy–if you know how to make a WP post, you will be able to make a fan page.

  • This plugin creates a unique type of post using a custom template it supplies.
  • You actually build your fan page on your WordPress site, using this plugin plus any other WP plugins you choose.
  • Set up as many fan pages as you choose.
  • Optionally, require your Facebook visitors to “like” you page before they are allowed to view it.
  • Change your fan page at any time.
  • Works best on WordPress 3.3+

Learn more about WP Easy Fan Pages here.

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