George Katsoudas just released the “Cloak Track Pro” WP plugin to cloak and track your links

Your blog or other WordPress site can be your sales engine using this plugin. You can choose a word or phrase that has sales potential and tell the plugin where you want it to link whenever it appears. The plugin automatically converts the plain text to live links.

The potential is mind-stretching. You can create links in your blog text to your products or affiliate products, to charities or to sports teams–whatever you want.

Because you make the link just once, inside the plugin, you can easily change the destination all throughout your blog– by just changing the one bit of information in the plugin. If you have a “product of the day” or other frequently changing promotion, this can help a lot.
George has also made a short video to demonstrate how it works.

You can see the video and the whole story of the Cloak Track Pro plugin here.

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