Alex Goad has launched the ‘Dominating Local’ Training course. According to Goad, this system teaches how to create sites on automation.

Goad says, “This is a complete package not only showing how-to cash in like crazy, but entirely automating the creation of the sites… including thousands and thousands of unique content pages that pass the duplicate content filter like a walk in the park without any gibberish or non-sense.

What the software does is allow you to create local category sites on the highly optimized WordPress platform that target local traffic for business names, business categories or professionals, products to buy locally, services and tons of other commercial terms.

These pages are created automatically using a selection from our millions of records we’ve bought and otherwise added to our database of businesses in America, UK, Canada and Australia.

You can use as much or as little data as you wish and add other sources that are built in for multisource and often multi-media content that can have images, video, spun text, descriptions, location and…

AND, we’ve built in a drip fed review system that adds reviews and comments over time to make the whole thing look like a high quality, naturally expanding local authority site”.

Alex Goad’s ‘Dominating Local’ Training Course

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