The latest issue of ‘The New Early to Rise’ newsletter has been released. The featured article is titled “How to Become Financially Independent in Seven Years or Less”.

Craig Ballantyne says, “As a subscriber to literally dozens of offline and online newsletters and magazines, there are few that get my full attention. Even fewer still get my anticipation for the next issue.

One of the few that does, and one that I read from start to finish almost as soon as it arrives is the Palm Beach Letter. First, the information is actionable, and second, the writing is excellent. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a mid-morning or afternoon Green Tea break.

Today we’re privileged to be able to share a recent issue. In it, Mark Ford, editor of the Palm Beach Letter recently received a letter from a reader who is 47 years old and has a net worth of $25,000″.

Read rest of the article on ‘The New Early To Rise’ newsletter site.

‘The News Early To Rise’ Newsletter

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