Pat O’Bryan’s ‘Portable Empire Coaching’ is available for $1 during a special offer.

says, “When you join the Portable Empire Coaching Program, here’s what you get:

  • You’ll immediately be assigned to a mastermind group. This is where you’ll work closely with others to get all your projects done.
  • You’ll also get access to the main forum. All the participants meet here regularly to ask for help, ask questions, and be supportive.
  • UnSeminar videos. There’s a huge library of amazingly helpful videos in the video section. Dr. Joe Vitale, Craig Perrine, Bill Hibbler, Nathan Anderson, Tony Laidig, Erica Douglass, and many, many others are waiting for you to log on and join them as they teach everything from sales copywriting to public domain to blog marketing to product creation.
  • Camtasia training videos. Another video library of “how to” videos. How to make a web page, how to make an opt-in box, how to make a squeeze page—step by step instruction for all the tech stuff you’ll want to know.
  • Tuesday Night Coaching UnWebinars.
  • Group Projects. I encourage my coaching students to work together, so that you can start making money fast. Occasionally, we all gang up and do a project together.”.
Pat O’Bryan’s ‘Portable Empire Coaching’
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