Charlie Page has announced that the ‘Directory of Ezines’ membership is closing soon.

Page says, “Do you remember that old Doublemint gum TV commercial with the twins?

They used to sing that Doublemint was

“Two mints, two mints, two mints in one!”

I must admit to having a little crush on those girls when I was a kid!

Well did you know that the Directory of Ezines is a lot like Doublemint gum?

It is!

It’s “three sites, three sites, three sites in one!”

I say that because the DOE is the perfect resource for doing three very important marketing tasks.

1. Article Marketing
2. Ezine Advertising – think SOLO ads!
3. Joint Ventures

Now that is a winning combination!

And you can have LIFETIME access to the DOE today”.

Charlie Page: ‘Directory of Ezines’ Membership

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