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Friday, March 31, 2023

‘A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas’ – ‘SitePoint’ Newsletter

Brendon Sinclair has released the latest issue of ‘SitePoint’ newsletter. The featured articles are titled “A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas” and “jQuery Mobile Components”. ‘SitePoint’ Newsletter Contents Introduction HTML5 Drag, Drop & Upload A Developer’s Guide to HTML5 Canvas jQuery Mobile Components Ruby Devs – You’re too trusting. Gems could screw you. Writers. More Writers.. ‘SitePoint’ Newsletter  [...]

‘How To Get Paid Advertising Without Paying For It’ – ‘TrafficJam’ Newsletter

Jimmy D. Brown has released the latest issue of ‘TrafficJam’ newsletter. The featured article is titled “How To Get Paid Advertising Without Paying For It”. ‘TrafficJam’ Newsletter Contents How To Get Paid Advertising Without Paying For It CHOOSE your advertisement CREATE a co-op proposal CONTACT potential partners Summary. Jimmy D. Brown’s ‘TrafficJam’ Newsletter  [...]

‘Your Best Marketing Strategy’ by Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook’s latest blog post is titled “Your Best Marketing Strategy”. Cook says, “This weekend we had an unwanted visitor – a loud-spoken woman, a regular windbag, if you will – and she scared the living daylights out of all the neighbors, not to mention most of the population of the east coast of the United States. And no matter what we tried, she wouldn’t shut up Saturday night, keeping us all awake”. Your Best Marketing Strategy Marketing for Success  [...]

‘My Biggest Character Flaw’ by Michelle MacPhearson

Michelle MacPhearson’s latest blog post is titled “My Biggest Character Flaw”. MacPhearson Says, “I’ll admit it – it’s probably my biggest character fault. It’s not that I swear like a sailor or even that I occasionally skip a shower. No, it’s that… I like to be RIGHT… No, I MUST be right. And not like “I like to win arguments and was told as a kid I should be a lawyer,” (although that is true too) but to the extent that I intensely weight every single possible option of everything – decisions, opinions, purchases, anything where that’s a choice to be made... [...]

‘If You Want Me to Promote You’d Better Learn What I’m All About’ by Tiffany Dow

Tiffany Dow’s latest blog post is titled “If You Want Me to Promote You’d Better Learn What I’m All About”. Dow says, “Ohhhhh my. I get so many JV offers. Some are so phony. Some might be trying to be enthusiastic, but they come across as insincere. Today I got an email from someone who tried pumping me up about how much MONEY I could make by promoting their program! It was one of those, “See all these guys? They’re making money hand over fist and that could be YOU” emails”. If You Want Me to Promote You’d Better Learn What I’m All About Tiffany Dow’s Blog  [...]

‘Google Sites — Will It Revolutionize Website Building In Future’ – ‘eVision’ eZine

Tom Hua has released the latest ‘eVision’ eZine. The featured article is titled “Google Sites — Will It Revolutionize Website Building In Future. eVision eZine Contents Google Sites — Will It Revolutionize Website Building In Future – by James Cuck eBook of the Week No experience necessary! If You Speak, Read and Write Chinese. eVision eZine  [...]

Charlie Page: ‘Directory of Ezines’ Membership Closing Soon

Charlie Page has announced that the ‘Directory of Ezines’ membership is closing soon. Page says, “Do you remember that old Doublemint gum TV commercial with the twins? They used to sing that Doublemint was “Two mints, two mints, two mints in one!” I must admit to having a little crush on those girls when I was a kid! Well did you know that the Directory of Ezines is a lot like Doublemint gum? It is! It’s “three sites, three sites, three sites in one!” I say that because the DOE is the perfect resource for doing three very important marketing tasks. 1.... [...]

Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans’ ‘Recurring Revenue’ Training Event September 2

Carrie Wilkerson and Paul Evans are hosting the ‘Recurring Revenue’ training event on Friday, September 2 at 9 am – 12 pm Central Time. In this three-hour training session, Evans will discuss the ways to  generate a recurring income online. Evans says, “Here’s the training event schedule: How Carrie had added about $25k in recurring income with just a handful of clients with what she calls ‘The Perfect 10’ model. A walk through setup of ‘The Easiest Membership Model Ever!’Look over Carrie’s shoulder as she sets it up. One of Carrie’s... [...]

Ryan Deiss & MaryEllen Launch ‘Inbox Empire’ Training Course

Ryan Deiss & MaryEllen have launched the ‘Inbox Empire’ training course. According to Ryan, this course teaches how to start an online business and make money from it. Ryan has released a video to provide detailed information on the ‘Inbox Empire’ training course. Ryan Deiss & MaryEllen’s ‘Inbox Empire’ Training Course  [...]

‘Flash Pages Still Won’t Get High Rankings On Google’ – ‘Axandra Search Engine Facts’

The latest issue of ‘Axandra Weekly Search Engine Facts’ has been released. The featured article titled “Flash pages still won’t get high rankings on Google”. Flash Pages Still Won’t Get High Rankings On Google Some webmasters prefer to have a pure Flash website because they can look very impressive. Although Google can index Flash content to some extend, it is very unlikely that a Flash page will get high rankings on Google. What’s the problem with Flash pages? Flash content cannot be indexed by search engines. If your website is a pure Flash site, then... [...]