Tony Laidig has announced the ‘Photo Profit Secrets’ 6-part webinar series. According to Laidig, this webinar series will teach the photography subject strategies one needs to pay attention to for the cash opportunities and the ways to increase photo profit secrets.

Laidig says, “I will be revealing the top secrets I’ve discovered in these 10 key areas, including:

  • Lighting Secrets: Proper lighting is the KEY to all great photography
  • Posing Secrets: We will look at posing options that shift your photos from average to awesome
  • Lens Secrets: Choosing the right lens can make or break a shot
  • Composition Secrets: Bringing focus and attention to your subject requires smart composition
  • Processing Secrets: Just as in a darkroom, post-processing of your photos enhance the beauty already there
  • Exposure Secrets: What is a proper white balance and the best ISO?
  • Equipment Secrets: In addition to using the best camera you can afford, Photography can also require additional equipment”.
Tony Laidig’s ‘Photo Profit Secrets’ Webinar Series
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