IM News Watch plans an expansion of coverage as a part of the transition.

Lexington, KY, June 30, 2011: Today, after discussions and preparations lasting several months, Nroo, Inc., of Gardnerville, NV, completed the sale of Internet marketing News Watch, the world’s leading online news source for internet marketing, (,) including the website, its associated newsletter and related assets to Business Promotion, Inc. of Lexington, KY. IM News Watch is the world’s leading authority on Internet Marketing News, as demonstrated by its number 1 position in Google search results for the term.

Since 2006, IM News Watch has been the trusted source of news of the internet marketing industry, covering regulatory announcements, announcements by search engines, and other major service providers, as well as excerpts from blogs of note. IMNewswatch also reports news about e-business, e-commerce, blogging, industry leaders and experts, new e-business and internet marketing product launches, new seminars/teleseminars/webinars, as well as what’s new in authority I.M. e-zines and publications.

Maher Mograbi, president of Nroo, Inc., commented, “We have enjoyed operating IM News Watch and providing this news service to the IM community. However, we have other projects planned and felt that IM News Watch could better fulfill its mission if others were at the helm. We are pleased that Business Promotion and its president, Phil Cullum, accepted the leadership of this respected news source.”

Expanded focus for IM News Watch

Adding to the current coverage of news sources around the internet, IM News Watch plans to add original content, including regular news columns by noted columnists, interviews and coverage of live events, as well as syndication from additional sources.

The historic audience has been drawn from very small companies and solo entrepreneurs, but through additional news and features, News Watch will address the information needs of larger organizations as well. “We are looking forward to building our clientele through additional fast-breaking news that will benefit all our readers, fulfilling our pledge, ‘News at Net Speed.’”

Business Promotion, Inc.’s other ventures include and

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