James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “The Great Corporate Connection for Info Marketers”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

The Great Corporate Connection for Info Marketers

Picture yourself in a high rise, an overly sanitized uncluttered office with a wide desk, a secretary, and all services at your disposal. You control a mass of people and, when you make an order, it’s answered faster than lightning.

Sound good? Well, for some it is. But you’re in your own home office, wearing you want, in a space that is as clean and homey as you want, you might be hard pressed to be won over — or back over — to the office life.

The truth is that you don’t have to. As an info marketer, you can actually have some great corporate associations that don’t involve the usual office building clichés. In info marketing, there is such thing as a corporate relationship where you can build a repertoire with corporate bodies to strengthen both your business and theirs.

A lot of independent business pros shy away from any sort of corporations and doing business with them. There’s good reason for this. Corporations are big, bureaucratic, and complex. When they’re doing great, they’re great roofs to be under. But when they bend under economic stress, they can go down hard and everyone associated will go down harder. This alone is a good reason for a lot of entrepreneurs to back off from having anything to do with big corporate connections. But this situation isn’t absolute. Info marketers can go about some very small, but friendly and even fun ways to build corporate associations. The corporations can benefit from the exposure in info marketing products and you can get in on some things you won’t normally working with other businesses.

Depending on what your info topic is, you can enter a corporate association on a lot of different levels. One way I recommend info marketers to go about it initially is to make contact with corporate human resources, marketing, and/or product development departments. Send them a package of your info material introducing yourself and what you do for a living. Politely mention that you’d like to get in on any possible info material they may have to include in your upcoming info products. Corporate bodies might get hip to your content and they can respond with some pretty great replies. Info marketers can often get free samples of CDs, beer, swag, and various other promotional materials, plus any matter of new info material that the corporation can offer to you before general public release. This initial access into a corporation can be fun
and give info marketers an insight that they might not get under regular circumstances.

But it doesn’t stop there. A strong corporate association in info marketing should be maintained. Since they’ve offered you some premium materials or got you on the inside of their dealings, you should reciprocate the favor. Send them your info products that you’ve included their info in and thank them for their assistance. As well, you should set up a regular correspondence with the corporation by e-mail. This can lead to you being put on newsfeeds and update listings where you can get new info quickly. Remember: these folks’ products are really your bread and butter, so you should work to associate with them on a regular professional level.

This is where it can get exciting. A regular corporate relationship can lead to some interesting potential offers. Once you establish a regular corporate association, your info services might be called upon. They might ask you to create content for their web site, write a regular column for their publication(s), or assign you to do a product test. This isn’t something they offer anyone off the street, so the only recommendation in this
scenario is to just go for it. Again, it’s a fun job gig to have and it’ll strengthen your relationship with your employer that much more.

In the end, having a corporation as a client, associate, or partner is a good thing for an info marketer. The corporate association in info marketing is a freelance gig where you can be in on some of the most cutting edge information that could not be accessed anywhere else. That and you are really providing quality, personable services that big, almost monolithic businesses couldn’t really get elsewhere. It’s a business deal that just can’t be beat.

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