Adrian Newman’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “Improve Your Listening Skills and Increase Sales”. [‘e-Wealth Daily’Article]

Adrian Newman’s latest ‘e-Wealth Daily’ article:

Improve Your Listening Skills and Increase Sales

If you’re in any facet of sales, then you’re probably always on the lookout for sales techniques that could help you land the next big fish. However, even though there are numerous strategies and tips on how to be a great salesperson, the fact of the matter is that sales skills should come very naturally to you — and you should know how to sell just from having conversations with people.

If you’re a good listener, then you’re probably a good salesperson, too. This is the most basic rule of sales; but, sometimes among all the hubbub of tips and strategies out there, fundamentals like this can be lost.

If you can improve your listening skills, then you will improve your sales. Let me elaborate. Being a good salesperson involves knowing how to interact with other people. You have to know what they want — and how to give them what they want. You have to know how to convince the other person that what you have is what they desire.

So, how better to achieve this than to listen to the other person? If someone is in your store or is talking to you about your product, then the hardest part is over, as you’ll already know that they’re interested. Now all you have to do is close the sale.

Though you think this might be the tough part, it isn’t. This person wants to buy from you — if they didn’t, then they wouldn’t be bothering to have a conversation with you — so it’s up to you to listen to what they are saying and get to know them. Listen to their concerns and find out exactly what it is that they want.

Listen to your customer’s questions, as opposed to spouting off the same sales pitch that you use on everyone. People want to feel that they have your undivided attention. They don’t want to feel like your 50th customer that day.

If you listen to a customer before giving your sales pitch, then you can properly react to what he or she is saying. You can have an actual conversation with them. Believe me; they will appreciate that you’re listening to them, as opposed to just talking at them.

You can start to improve your listening skills with the help of your family and friends. When you go out to dinner with a friend, or when you’re having a coffee with your spouse in the morning, intently listen to what the other person is saying. Most people think that they have great listening skills, but, in reality, our busy lifestyle has turned most of us into poor listeners. So, start small. Get to know your co-workers and your friends by making an effort to be a better listener. Though you might not think so, good listening skills are learned. In order to improve your skills, you will have to make it a habit to
really listen to others.

When you’re selling to customers, get rid of any distractions that might detract from your conversation with them. Shut off your cell phone, pager, electronic organizer, and any other noise-making distraction that you might have near you. Concentrate on the task at hand. Try to learn what your customer desires and how you can satisfy this person’s needs. Distractions are everywhere, it’s true, but eventually you will learn to drown them out and concentrate on the person you’re speaking to.

Listening skills are fundamental if you want to be a good salesperson. So start learning how to listen more than you talk now — it will help you to really understand what your customers are saying to you.

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