James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “Turning Bad Times into Great Info Marketing Success”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

Turning Bad Times into Great Info Marketing Success

Try as we might, we can’t get around that we aren’t out of dark times. The shock of the economic collapse of the late 2000s has left a lasting mark on everyone, and we’re still feeling the effects of it to this day.

It’s worthwhile that people are honest with themselves about these times. Some of the news is true — jobs are hard to come by, contracts included, and people are struggling to cut every financial corner possible. Times are tough, period.

But for all the negative valleys, there are some positive peaks. Especially if you’re an info marketer, these times can be good for you on a lot of levels. They can produce some outcomes that might not necessary occur in times of good economic prosperity.

It’s really a struggle any time to be an independent entrepreneur, let alone an info marketer. Good times or bad times are just plain tough if you want to keep your own business going and running successfully. But when times get bad, info marketers can utilize certain circumstances that come their way. Here are a few of them:

— Business survival information: I’ve written recently about how to create an info marketing survival guide and how to go about detailing info marketing survival techniques. But these days, without sounding too negative here, any sort of business survival information will really help. The situation these days is crazy and uncertain. People might not have felt this way since the late 1980s. They need help. If you take a few steps
back and analyze your own situation, you can probably pinpoint a few areas that you are focusing on to keep your business running. Everything from savings lessons to strategies on marketing can be great survival sources that your clients will appreciate and gladly compensate you for.

— Cheap business gear: One offshoot of bad economic times is that people are struggling to keep themselves afloat financially. Many of these folks sell off their own possessions and/or products and services of their businesses at reduced rates. This is another bit of good news for info marketers. If you’ve always wanted that cheap laptop or some specialized tech or info-related product for your business, now might be the time to
make some investments. You can scour the Internet, your local sales publications, or even check out malls with clearance outlets to find very fine, often unused, gear to assist in bettering your own info marketing services.

— Specialized tips and info: It’s hard to know exactly what clients want at any given time. Record and soft drink companies spend tons of money on market research to find exactly what audiences will consume on a prolonged basis. Info marketers can’t really do this. Their products are specialized and precise, with little room to change material radically just to suit popular trends. However, it might be worth investigating what sorts of specialized information clients are seeking within the context of your information topic. If you’re a business- or finance-related info marketer, people might want to know where the best places to invest are these days. If you’re pumping out rare book collecting info, find out what’s popular with the public these days and give tips on where to locate and purchase rare books for reduced prices. In short, hone and
refine your info content to suit what people want. You can send out some surveys and get some feedback quickly to get started.

— Entrepreneurial networking: They say there’s strength in numbers. In these tough times, don’t think you’re the only one struggling. There’re a lot of info marketers, independent business pros, and other small business entrepreneurs just like you working hard to get by. What’s more is that these people might make good associates. When likeminded — and similarly economically strapped — business pros get together, they can unite on a common goal of working together to achieving success. These days of a bad economy are a good time for you to socialize, meet, and network with other pros just like you. You can check out small business web sites, info meetings, business conventions, and any number of social business gatherings listed in your community to begin this. Making and establishing good contacts has never been more pertinent to
info marketers, so use your time wisely to make some strong entrepreneurial networks.

Times are always going to be tough for you as an information marketer. It’s always a struggle to gain and sustain personal success. But this foreknowledge can make you that much stronger. In good times or bad, it’s always good to work hard to keep your business running strong. That strength will keep you going no matter what the world throws at you.

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