James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article is titled “The Best Info Products Never Come to an End”. [é-Wealth Daily’ Article]

James Burt’s latest é-Wealth Daily’ article:

The Best Info Products Never Come to an End

Alright: how many comic readers are there out there? How about sports magazine collectors? People who enjoy movie sequels? I can’t imagine anyone reading this is jumping up and down about now. There always has been a stigma attached to those of us who keep up with regularly produced entertainment or information vices.

Yet, the funny thing is that almost everybody enjoys a serialized information source of some kind. While your buddies are needling you for going googly-eyed for your new outdoors magazine to arrive in the mail, they are busy on their cell phones or laptops getting their favorite sports stats or stock information. Everyone is getting their information in one short instance with the intention of more in the same format. And they will wait patiently for more to come.

If this is the case, information marketers are at a true advantage. If people like information dealt out in regular portions with the promise of more info they enjoy to come, that’s your cue to get going.

Information marketers, no matter what information source, they use, have got a lot of information to draw from. Even if you wanted to, there’s no way you could compile it all into one product. This is all good — you can work with a lot of information and stretch it out over many products. Your clients get into a habit of getting it on a regular basis, and will happily compensate you for continuing to serialize your info, so they can get it again, again, and again.

You have a lot options for creating serialized information products, so here’s a brief list to get started with:

— Info newsletter: This is an obvious choice and you might be using it already. The information newsletter of regular tips, news, and ideas is the backbone of a lot of information marketers’ businesses and, for my money, always worth the gamble. Even if your bigger products aren’t forthcoming or if you are busy attending to other business matters, the continued creation of short info newsletters keeps your clients on edge with the latest info of your topic. Clients will stay tuned and you will always be working to, at the very least, pound out a great newsletter to deliver time and again.

— Web site entries: Your web site might not see a lot of regular action. A lot of info marketers never touch their web sites for weeks or months on end. This is fine, but if you find yourself lacking in any sort of web traffic of new clientele or a drop in existing client numbers, keeping some serialized web site entries can be a very fun, highly lucrative option. They can come in many forms — blog posts, travel stories, odd but relevant encounters — that give some new, often humorous or insightful perspective to your info topic. If you opt for this, it’s good to keep a regular update schedule. Doing random web site entries whenever you feel like it often puts clients off and distances them from your business.

— Special, signature serial product: This is hard to articulate, but I can give some examples here. I have encountered info marketers who work in art supply or travel. Every so often, often at a specific annual point, they create a product that carries on over a set time frame. Sometimes it’s a comic strip, a travelogue, or a video series. It’s something they create regularly and is their own. If you can find a way of creating an info product that is both unique to you and capable of being delivered over a given timeframe, then I would advise going for it. Clients tend to like having access to a special info
product that is unique, but that they can follow as well.

— Multiple volumes: Whether you’re working in print or in eBook form, creating linking multiple volumes for info products is a very lucrative option for info marketers. These can be as big or as small as you want them, but in any case they are a lot of work. You have to have an idea that will carry over through a lot of content and over some sizable volumes of info products. This might be better further down your career path, but again, they are attractive to clients. Like the old encyclopedias, clients will be keen to collect info products in a fun and creatively constructed series.

There was probably a time when working in serialized mediums was something of a social disgrace, be it in broadcasting, comic books, or television. But, at the risk of name dropping, think of all the names we know today from this very popular technique. Rod Serling, Stan Lee, and Ring Lardner all came into prominence thanks to the methodology of serializing their work, not to mention tons of famous columnists, philosophers, and dramatists.

If it’s good enough for them to have their work spread out over time in different parts, it’s most certainly good for info marketers. Got a great, big info product idea? Why not spread it out over several info product releases? Your clients will have to come back for more, and you can make some success and have some fun all at the same time.

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