Paul Maxey’s latest ‘Total Package’ article is titled “Boardroom Secrets: Mastering the Art of Information Marketing”. [Copywriting Article]

Paul Maxey’s latest ‘Total Package’ article:

Boardroom Secrets: Mastering the Art of Information Marketing

Dear Business-Builder,

Information is a multi-billion-dollar business.

So it’s easy to see why mastering the art of selling information is one of the quickest ways to six figures as a direct response copywriter.

The difference between a copywriter like Arthur Johnson ““ who writes one control after another for high-powered publishers like Boardroom and Rodale ““ and other copywriters is, they know how to take the product and mine it for all it’s worth.

They’re looking for pieces of information in the product they can spin in a way to make it absolutely fascinating ““ so it gets the prospect thinking, “If I don’t find the answer to this, my head will explode!”

A good fascination Parris Lampropoulos once wrote is, “How a pick-pocket can cure your back pain.”

He had just been reading through one of the Boardroom books and found this little factoid that a large percentage of the back pain in men comes from carrying a wallet in your hip pocket.

Now, if he had just told somebody, “Did you know that carrying a wallet in your back pocket can give you backaches?” ““ it would have been high up on the snooze factor. Instead, Parris turned it into a fascination that really intrigued people.

As master copywriters like Arthur and Parris mine the product, they’re looking for two kinds of factoids:

Forehead Slappers: Where the information is so “wow, of course!” that giving it away is proof of how valuable the information in the book really is. For example, “Make furniture nicks and scratches disappear ““ with coffee! Page 26.”
These factoids demonstrate how the product will get things done for them quicker, easier, cheaper, better or with less effort. Plus, they keep your prospect reading your promotion for the next one!

Fascinations: The factoid where if you gave away the information, it would feel mundane and obvious. These get turned into blind bullets to build curiosity and intrigue. For example, “Would you rather pay $3,000 for that 1-carat diamond or 5 bucks? For real … page 5.”
The genius ““ and the ultimate challenge ““ is in presenting these in a way that’s exciting and that really moves. So that no matter where your prospect looks, there’s something interesting for them to look at.

The best bullets infuse your copy with energy, making it virtually impossible to ignore!

Whether you’re writing forehead slappers or fascinations, the best bullets are typically those that:

– Seize your prospect’s attention …

– Stimulate irresistible curiosity and intrigue …

– Seduce your prospect to read, read, READ!

– Build desire by creating the urge to “know” the secret your bullet promises to reveal …

– Make your copy more readable (which always boosts response!) …

– And infuse your copy with variety, thereby preventing the disastrous “flat” benefit syndrome!

Plus, as Arthur Johnson proves with this week’s Swipe of the Week for Bottom Line Personal, bullets and fascinations also provide another distinct advantage: They can make your copy an absolute delight to read.

And keeping your prospect reading your promotion all the way through to the end is, perhaps, the ultimate challenge for any copywriter!

As Clayton has stated before in these pages, writing great fascinations is an art form demanding a great eye, well-developed skill and tremendous creativity.

But the payoff is well worth the blood and sweat that goes into mastering the art of writing powerful fascinations …

And can do more to advance your career ““ and ensure your place among the masters ““ than almost anything else.

So download this week’s swipe now to see how Arthur does it ““ and then practice, practice, practice until you become a bullet-writing master!

Until next time …

Yours for greater profits,

Paul Maxey

Makepeace-Trained Copywriter


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