In his latest email Ken McCarthy talks on “Announcing the System 2011 Faculty list”. [‘System Seminar’]

Ken says , “One of the best ways to keep on top of where Internet marketing is headed is to keep track of what we’re doing at the System Seminar

Some proof:

2002 – Long tail keywords, Google AdWords, and audio advertising

2003 – The Launch Method (yes, it was “launched” at System 2003 in San Francisco)

2004 – Making money by giving away content with

2005 – Video advertising on the Internet

2008 – CPA Marketing, mobile marketing

2009 – Google shows us how they test their
own pages

2010 – Empirically-based SEO

So what about 2011?

As usual, the faculty is made up of familiar faces and rising stars that everyone will be
talking about months and years after System attendees get the first crack at them.

The System 2011 Faculty:


[email with the subject:Announcing the System 2011 Faculty list”.]

*IMNewsWatch would like to thank Ken McCarthy for granting permission to reprint this email.

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